Rembrandt Global Solutions provides functionally innovative services in the Information and Communications Technology industry that are beneficial to consumers, corporate organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, both local and international.

Our vision is to be a world class ICT and mobile consumer services company consistently providing functionally innovative products, services, technology solutions, and consultancy services for all our stakeholders.

Our mission is to be a renowned consulting, smart solutions and service firm committed to the total satisfaction of our clients. We are particularly focused on:

  • Improving the way we live and work.
  • Enhancing efficiencies and saving cost for our clients.
  • Continuous innovation to take our clients to the next level and keep ahead of the pack.
  • Delivering quality services, solutions and projects of quality within time and budget to always give our clients the much deserved value.
  • Ethical Practice.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement.
  • Professionalism and Innovation

We bring all these together in delivering on our practice across our various service units; with a view to exceeding our clients’ expectations.



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    Driven by reliable and motivated
    people, who are hard at work to serve you
    and exceed your expectations.
    Continuous customer and technical
    support, providing support round the
    clock on weekdays, weekends,
    and holidays
    Wide ranging expertise and experience in ICT, Consumer
    Solutions, and Services.
    Deploying world class technologies and
    processes, ensuring world class standards
    for all solutions and services
    Unparalleled focus on top-notch user
    experience that is second to none.