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Mobile Consumer IVR Content Services
mobile consumer

RGS’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services avails our customers/end users enhanced customer experience on their mobile services.

With little or no human interaction, end users are able to access interesting content via our In-Bound Dialing (IBD) and Outbound Dialing (OBD) systems.

The RGS In-Bound Dialing (IBD) system is designed to effectively manage in-bound calls of any mobile service provider.

Mobile consumers are able to explore and subscribe for available services independently by following voice prompts and taking actions based on the customers’ preferences within the provided bouquet options.

Our Outbound Dialing (OBD) system is also designed to effectively manage mobile network provider-initiated outbound calls to targeted mobile users and subsequently get user responses via interaction with the keypad of their mobile devices.

With our OBD service, we deliver a wide range of value added services such as Business Updates, Health Tips, News, Jokes, etc.

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